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P4 Highlights

COTA by Dave Burton

COTA                                                                            Dave Burton (aka SVRA Vintage Racing National Championships at Circuit of the Americas) I’m on a flight back to Detroit from Austin after taking part in the first annual Vintage National Championships held at the new F1 track constructed in the heart of Texas.  My participation was made possible[…]

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Has TV Killed Racing?

Story by Tom Fielitz Auto racing is facing a serious challenge in decreasing fan attendance and ticket revenue.   Track owners are blaming the down turn in the economy but I suspect that there might be another reason, the advances in camera technology used to broadcast auto racing on TV.  […]

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By Michael Cohen A few days ago, while at Pasteiner’s Autozone Hobbies, I picked up the 2013-2014 edition of Excellence’s Porsche Buyer Guide. This is a great quick study reference manual covering most of the Porsche street nameplates past and present, and discusses product highlights, problem areas and gives a[…]

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Insignificant Motors

Story by Tom Fielitz We have seen several decades of car manufacturers building car motors with increasing performance and sophistication.   But there is a new and subtle shift in the role of the car motor as we have known it.   Engine displacement and horsepower is on the decline and hybrid[…]

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