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  • P4-2017-11/12: RECAP: FALL COLOR TOUR – Story by Alain Baur. Photos by Alain Baur, Ulrich Gollwitzer, Gretus Hoogestraat

    What a fantastic day for this year’s fall color tour. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about it. All week long I was watching the weather forecast and it looked like rain for the entire weekend, but Sunday turned out to be the most agreeable day of October. We had plenty of sunshine and 75 degrees.

    I was very happy to be able to drive my Boxster S with the top down to our meeting point in Auburn Hills around 12:30. There were already a couple of cars at ThyssenKrupp’s parking lot, but an hour later it was flooded with Porsches. I think there were a lot more cars and people than expected. I heard there were more than 75 cars. All of them were clean and ready to go for the last driving event of the year. Walking around and contemplating all those Porsches, I discovered that there were many new members that came for the first time. A couple of cars came from Ontario too. Quickly, there was a line at the registration where Walter and Sabrina Crump did an excellent job for the organization.

    After mingling and checking out all those marvelous Porsches, it was finally driving time. We needed to see those beautiful tree colors.

    At 2:30 p.m. our president Marc Molzon took the lead in the direction of Mueller’s Orchard, our stop for donuts and cider. Getting out of Auburn Hills was a little confusing. Some took the written directions and some got the google maps directions. Once we turned on to Clintonville Road, all went pretty smooth. We passed the beautiful village of Clarkston and soon were driving through foliage that was lit up with autumn color.

    I love the road from Clarkston to Fenton. There are nice curves around, up, and down. Driving a Porsche on this road is so exciting, especially through this beautiful nature. Everyone started to show their driving skill and pushed a lot more on the right pedal. It is so tempting.

    At Mueller’s Orchard, we had plenty of space reserved for our cars. We got to taste the apple cider and fresh, hot donuts. We took the time to take pictures and enjoy the company of great people. Again, the weather was exceptional.

    Finally it was time to go to our last part of the ride down to Big Tommy’s Parthenon for dinner. Again, there was more beautiful scenery crossing Kensington, Milford, and finally Novi.

    At Big Tommy’s, we were greeted and guided to the parking lot reserved for the club. There were fewer cars and people than when we departed, but we still managed to fill up half of the restaurant. I think the count was again around 75 people. We began with some refreshments and exchanging stories of the day. It is nice to see all of the members again, as we mostly see each other only at events like these. There was plenty of food. We began with a nice salad and then were served lamb, chicken, and beef with Greek specialties family style. They continued bringing food even after we asked them to stop. We ended dinner with coffee and a delicious rice pudding.

    We left around the restaurant around 8:20 and enjoyed the drive back home, top down contemplating the stars.

    Thanks to Walt and Sabrina and everyone involved in planning such a successful event!

  • P4-2017-11/12: 2017 LADIES ONLY DRIVE – By Paula Trendov

    The Ladies Only Drive on September 15th was my first time and I have to say everyone who showed up made it a memorable one.  We met at the mall parking lot of Tel-Twelve, or should I say across the street to organize ourselves.  Patti Door had a goodie bag for each of us filled with different Porsche items.  I’m liking the pen myself.  Passersby drove around looking at all our beautiful Porsches parked together and even took some pictures of us.  I was the navigator for Christine Grabowski in her Boxster, who lead our caravan and Patti Door brought up the rear to make sure we all stayed together.  It was good she did because all we had to do was look behind us to see her yellow Porsche and we knew all was good.  We drove through some very nice roads over to the restaurant in down town Plymouth.  With the help of Tom Grabowski, we were able to park together in a lot just a short block away since parking is at a premium in downtown Plymouth.  As the lead car, of course we had to have the top down so I was the official flag holder.  Gretus had them made for us and I believe we only lost 1 or 2 of the flags along the way.  And we weren’t even driving that fast-wink, wink.

    The evening was perfect and the weather cooperated nicely.  We walked over to the restaurant and took our seats around the tables reserved for us and did what we like to do best…..we talked and got acquainted with each other.  Some of the other ladies were first timers as well.  Patti also had extra gifts where she drew a number for each of us.  Is she the best or what?  Some of the gifts were jewelry, which Patti makes herself throughout the year.  Not anything you would find in a store so that makes them special and unique.  Thank you Patti.  We all had such a good time and I look forward to next year’s Ladies Only Drive.

    If you were not able to make it this time I hope you can next time.  This is a really fun night, especially driving our Porsches.  It really is about the people and it’s the cars that bring us together.  See you next year.

  • Join us on the Caravan to Jay Peak Vermont

    We meet on Friday, June 17th 2016, at Faith Christian Assembly
    (25201 Outer Drive, Melvindale, MI)
    This is the location we held our Street Survival School
    We leave at 6:00am taking I-75 towards Toledo

    We stop in Toledo for breakfast

    Lunch along the way to Syracuse where we have an overnight stay

    Arrival next day in Jay Peak around 4:00pm gives us enough time for the welcome tent which closes at 5:00pm

    It will be a fun ride with a lot of Porsches and PCA members

    Please check SEM/PCA Web calendar for more details as we get closer to the event

    We need a count for parking and restaurant arrangements
    Please sign up at
    to join us or
    email Event Chair Gretus Hoogestraat at

    Hope to see you on the 17th!

    Gretus Hoogestraat