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How to add the SEM Calendar to your PC, Laptop, iOS, Android and Windows devices

You can add the SEM calendar to your PC, Laptop, iOS, Android and Windows devices. This gives you the ability to have the SEM Calendar available any time and on time. Added events or modifications to existing events will update you immediately. If you want to see the SEM/PCA calendar[…]

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P4-2017-11/12: RECAP: FALL COLOR TOUR – Story by Alain Baur. Photos by Alain Baur, Ulrich Gollwitzer, Gretus Hoogestraat

What a fantastic day for this year’s fall color tour. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about it. All week long I was watching the weather forecast and it looked like rain for the entire weekend, but Sunday turned out to be the most agreeable day of October. We[…]

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