Street Survival School – Event & Registration

SEM/PCA Proudly Presents
Held at
Faith Christian Assembly
25201 Outer Drive
Melvindale, MI

Help teen drivers to survive behind the wheel by learning their cars’ handling limits and how to deal with them

This program gives students experience with the basics of car control in common, real world situations. It enhances their enjoyment of driving and improves their driving skills and competence. It consists of classroom instruction and plenty of “hands on” driving with an instructor

SEMPCA to Sponsor Street Survival School in 2015

Story and photos by Don Kleist

For the past several years, I have volunteered with the local BMW Car Club who has hosted Street Survival Schools. The proposal I brought to our Board of Directors about sponsoring a school was enthusiastically endorsed. I learned later that the Porsche Club of America is now one of the national co-sponsors of these schools.

These schools are aimed at teen drivers and provide an excellent “next step” to take them beyond the basics needed to get a driver’s license. Although Street Survival has some classroom instruction, the emphasis is on hands-on driving exercises. Students drive their own cars in controlled environments which simulate a variety of common driving situations which require immediate corrective action. These exercises help students develop the skills necessary to cope with the challenges of driving in the real world. In-car instructors provide real-time feedback.

The exercises include basic straight-line “panic braking,” sharp lane changing, as well as time on the skid pad. The skid pad is a surface that has been treated with water and liquid soap. This super slippery surface provides the opportunity to experience what happens when a vehicle slips or slides, as it might during winter driving conditions.

The students end their day driving on a short autocross circuit; it ties all their newly acquired skills together. Students will experience a full day of driving exercises. Each student will get lots of in-car practice.

During the first exercises in the morning, students are often reluctant to get involved in the program. However, by the end of the day, the transformation is astonishing; many are driving like old pros.

This school is a step beyond what they learned in Drivers’ Education. The knowledge students gained about regulations and from monitored driving is augmented by learning to cope safely with common traffic situations, all while driving their family car or whichever vehicle they drive most often.

The SEM/PCA Street Survival School will be held on May 16, 2015, at the Faith Christian Assembly, 25201 Outer Drive Melvindale, MI 48122. Faith Christian Assembly is located in a building that originally housed a K-Mart. We will have use of an indoor classroom and their large parking lot. This site has been used before and is ideal. Registration will start at 8:00 AM. The first session will begin at 9:00 AM, and will end at 5:00 PM.

Contact Teen Drivers Now

Do you know any teenaged drivers who would profit by attending a Street Survival School? If so, urge them to enroll, or urge their parents to enroll them. Students will become a better drivers and become more aware of what they and their cars can do.

To get more information or to enroll, go to: Most students attend because their parents insist they attend. However, by the end of the day, the almost universal reaction is, “This was lots of FUN, and I learned so much!” I have seen this at all the schools I have attended. Graduates of past classes often recruit their friends to attend subsequent schools.

Our date and venue are firm. All registrations will be through the website and registration is now open. I will act as the registrar for the club, so if you have any questions not answered by the website, send me an email at“>“> I will get the answers for you.

The age range of students is 15 to 21. However, we will likely be generous with the age restrictions. Every person who drives a car can profit from this school. Keep that in mind. The BMW club has been known to accept as students who are older. In fact, one instructor’s mother was a student and had a great time.

Volunteers Needed!

Hosting this school will require lots of volunteer help. We will need as many in-car instructors as we can get. Ideally, the same instructor stays with a student all day. Anyone who has attended at least two or three SEM/ PCA on-track Drivers’ Education events is likely to have the knowledge needed to be an instructor.

We also need volunteers to assist with registration and to set up and conduct the exercises. Orange traffic cones are used to mark the course. Because they frequently get knocked down during the sessions, replacing them is almost a full-time task. For this, we often recruit parents who stay at the school.

If you would like to volunteer, please send me an email and let me know what role you would like to fill. No experience necessary, we will train you.


Faith Christian Assembly
25201 Outer Drive
Melvindale, MI 48122



Below is a collection of all the articles for the Street Survival School events that the SEM PCA Club has held.

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