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2014 SEM PCA Charity Check Presentation at SEM Ski night

Thank you Lisa and Marc Molzen to put this event together, it was awesome. We had a good time and the socialization was beyond. You guys really pulled it of and we had a great time. Thank you very much to everybody and to John Keilly, Marc and Lisa Molzen and Michael Eblenkamp.

01/18/2014 Pine Knob Ski Resort, Michigan
Porsche Club of America President John Keilly handed over the Charity Check from the Holiday Party to Coach and Special Olympics Coordinator Maggie Gibson.

Video by Board Member Gretus Hoogestraat from Charity Check Presentation at SEM Ski night.

Sorry for the bad audio. The Pine Knob DJ and his equipment were a NO-SHOW and with such background noise from the bar, I had no chance. Just look at the video, it says it all.

2014.01.18 Charity Check Presentation at SEM PCA Ski Night 01 - Gift from Ryan Pluchino
Gift from Ryan Pluchino, a special needs athlete, to SEM PCA