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Waterford Hills Race track Family Day, 2014

We arranged to have a Porsche Corral at this event
What started out as a cold rainy, dreary day turned into one flled with sun shine and warm breezes. No doubt a few people decided to stay home  Their mistake! Of course one would have thought we were at a water ballet instead of a race course in the morning  One by one the cars out on the track did beautiful pirouettes and ended up on the grass  Tire changing was the modus operandi in the pits with the different
track situations  But slowly the rain stopped and the sun came out along with a gentle wind to dry the track.
Our own SEM member, Tony Mac, proceeded to dual neck and neck with a Corvette. His BMW was  in  the  lead at frst but alas was passed by the Corvette in the middle of the race  Due to Tony’s driving skill however, he regained the lead on the last lap to win the race  Later in the day, the Corvette won in a three way dual for the lead  The races made for exciting action.
The event was called family day for good reason  It was great to see the children attending a getting a frsthand look at the racing on the track  Heinz Hilderts brought his grandchildren and they enjoyed the day with him  Heinz also recounted how he won a trophy at this very track in the 1970’s with his 914. He also raced alongside Neil Goldberg, long time member  Another gentlemanhad his son and daughter with him in his 944. They were so excited about being able to take parade laps  While not yet an SEM member, we hope he will join our club and take advantage of the many events we put on  Rick Floyd and his daughter, Sara, also marveled at the cars and track  He has a newly acquired Porsche and anxious to attend more events.
Marc Molzon was on hand to answer any questions about driver education  After all the parade laps taken, we are sure to see a few more drivers out for Waterford weekdays  Enthusiasm ran high after a few turns on the track  Craig Kellogg and his wife, Sheila, seemed certain to be bitten by the track bug.
Greg Steen brought his #35 ITS 924 White Porsche up to the hill for everyone to view and answer questions about his racing career  A Rally Sport region member, he has been a driving in-
structor since 1994. He also instructs at SEM events and has been racing since 2002.
Merritt Scott Collins also had us view her #77 Porsche 924 in between races  You may recall she was on the cover of the June issue of the P4 newsletter  Undoubtedly, a young lady who had her picture taken in her race car was duly impressed with the possibility of becoming a race car driver  Christian Cook was also driving a Porsche 911. After an incident on Saturday, it was touch and go if he was able to race on Sunday
Most of the attendees also visited the pits to see all the preparation and painstaking attention to detail that goes on in the pits.From tire pressure, tires, suspension, and even the amount of gas that goes into a car all counts  Very proud of their cars, racers are more than willing to talk to spectators.
Our sincere thanks to all those that made the day a success.  That includes Chris Braden of Munk’s Motors who sent out coupons for free passes and even a beer for his customers  For those that were unable to make it, check out Waterford Hills Road Racing at www.Waterfordhills.com. There are 3 more race weekends this summer along with Vintage Racing on July 26th and 27th. It is a great way to spend the da.
One of the day’s highlights for club members was the opportunity to drive parade laps around the track.