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P4-2018-07 – RECAP Annual Teen Street Survival Driving School

By, Lisa Molzon

Over the past few years in running the Tire Rack Street Survival School for teens, it has been a rewarding experience to work with new drivers and help further prepare them for driving on the open road. This year was no different – it continues to be one of the most fulfilling efforts with SEMPCA.

It never gets old – each year it is so much fun to see the kids arrive bracing themselves for a day of ‘school’ on a weekend (ugh – mom, do I HAVE TO go?) only to find that they actually enjoy all they are learning and doing behind the wheel. From the principles and explanations of “why” in the classroom sessions to the hands-on driving through specifically-designed courses which will get the tires screeching and the students focused through repetition in front of their peers, the day is filled with valuable life-skills driving lessons.

In talking with parents and grandparents, it’s interesting to hear their perspective:

“My daughter has been in several accidents in the past year – without any injuries and determined to be the other drivers fault each time – and I would like her to gain confidence in driving and develop skills in avoiding accidents.”

“We came from the Lansing area and feel this is a great opportunity for my son to further learn about driving safety and gain this type of in-car coaching driving experience in the minivan he drives every day. This was well-worth the drive to see him learn and enjoy the day.”

“I brought my son a few years ago and we found it very beneficial. Now that my daughter is driving, I wanted her to take this class as well.”

Many thanks to: Don Kleist for the annual classroom sessions, Marc Molzon for heading-up the hands-on driving course sessions, Howard Gilson/Steve Carbary/Andrew Olson for leading and running the three course set-ups, and the 13 other club volunteers that dedicated their day to this event!

Each year in May, we offer a day of classroom instruction + hands-on driving in monitored closed courses with an in-car instructor for teens through the age of 21 with unrestricted licenses. (Think of it this way: if the student is able to drive alone/unaccompanied to the facility, then they are eligible to be registered for this event.) If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbor, etc – this is a great opportunity for them to expand upon their driver’s education programs and safely learn more about how to handle their vehicle when they are faced with the random/rare unexpected situations. Keep this course in mind next year for any teens that you may know.