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P4-2018-08 – Family Day at Waterford Hills Raceway (Recap)

By Lisa Molzon

I wish I could report that the sun was shining and it was a beautiful summer day for our annual Family Day at Waterford Hills Raceway, but alas, I cannot. Gray skies, cool temperatures and the visual threat of precipitation followed the torrential rain from the day before and made for a bit of a muddy trek into the raceway from unpaved Waterford Road. It’s tough to muster the energy and enthusiasm to head out to the track with your beloved Porsche in conditions like that, but yet several brave members did.

Fred Young, SEMPCA Board Member, Secretary and annual organizer of the Family Day event was first to arrive.  He was staking-out the Porsche parking area on the hill when Marc Molzon (SEMPCA President) and I joined him.  Fred drove his red 996 and we came in our vintage silver 930.  Then, one-by-one, additional members arrived throughout the morning: Michael Cohen (P4 Editor) arrived in his 996 cab, Bill Molzon (“Marc’s Dad”) in his Cayman, and other members in their 996 cab.  Greg Steen, one of our HPDE Instructors, also stopped by between races with his #35 Porsche 944 race car.  Also on-track racing were members Tony Mac and Tom Christian (both lend their track experience as HPDE Instructors for the club). Although the conditions weren’t quite up to par for Tom Fielitz (HPDE Instructor and P4 columnist) to bring out his Porsche 911, he still came to socialize with club members and watch the races.  Another club member, Chris Braden (Munk’s Motors owner and breakfast sponsor of our HPDE’s) also joined us, sans Porsche, not wanting to miss-out on our fun.

The day was filled with racing excitement, camaraderie, complimentary paddock-area access secured by Marc for our members and a lengthy lunchtime parade lap session that most members took advantage of. After all, ours cars are appealing to the eye plus fully functional and at home on the track.

Our sleek cars provided just about as much interest as the races themselves. Everyone from race spectators to raceway workers came by to admire and compliment our vehicles. I think we may have found a few potential new members … and I hope the spin-out by one racer, in front of the hill where we were perched, wasn’t due to him being distracted by the line-up of Porsches. (Though one could hardly blame him if that was the case…)

After the past couple rainy Family Days, we are certainly due a gorgeous summer Michigan day for next year’s event.  Hope to see you there!

Our parking corral for Family Day Marc and Lisa’s 930 Turbo (Margaritaville?)