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SEM PCA 2019: Membership Dinner

By David Miller

The 2019 Membership Dinner was held on October 8.  As keeping with tradition, we held it on a Friday evening in a central location.   And we sought out a guest speaker who can share the Porsche experience from another vantage point.   We add to that a delicious dinner and a evening of sharing a favorite beverage and conversation with new and old Porsche friends.  Our restaurant of choice this year was Towne Square Food and Spirits (formerly Morton’s Steakhouse space) in Southfield.  Our private banquet room greeted us with a large charcuterie tray, followed by entrees and related, finished off with Cheesecake selections.   All enough to make a great night.  

But wait!  There’s more!!!!

This year we tried something different.  Rather than the “slide show” presentation format, we did a “fireside chat” or dinner conversation.  And the audience was encouraged to participate.   This evening is intended to be relaxing an fun.  Not a test or lecture.  A nice evening out.

Our speaker was Eddie Alterman of Car and Driver Magazine.  Eddie’s vast experience in the automotive media gave him plenty of material.   However, as Chief Brand Officer and a 10 year run as Editor-in-Chief, he has been a “man in demand” (travel), so it has taken patience of many years to have the opportunity to line up an opportunity for him to join us.   Shout Out to Vic Rivera for encouraging Eddie to spend an evening with us.

Eddie has seen and done it all in the automotive journalism world.  However, his favorite ride is a Porsche.   And he explained why.   Simply put, so many Porsches offer the full driving experience without entering into the danger-zone.  Drive em like you stole em!   And those stories carried on into his adventures on his way to Rennesport in a 918.   In his own garage, he has a 911T which keeps him pleased and grounded.   He had funny stories as well as insightful views and specifics of where Porsche (and others) are going into the near future.   For example: Electrification.  The Taycan is a remarkable vehicle.  But how does it compare to the Tesla offerings?  Range.  Porsche has continued it’s usual determination in making products that provide the driver’s experience in a vehicle that avoids the shortcomings.  

I can only scratch the surface in sharing Eddie’s experiences and wisdom.   But highly suggest you put this evening down on your calendar when you see it next year.   We really have a relaxing meal and conversations.  We catch up with those we know or have the opportunity to get to know.

Again, a shout out to Viktor and Steve and their staff at Towne Square Food and Spirits for putting together a homemade meal that exceeds expectations.