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Enthusiast of the Year 2022:

Photo & Article by: Lisa Molzon

One letter can designate so much. 

One letter in the alphabet is able to elevate the impact and  status of so much.  

The power of the “s.”

It’s often said that two are better than one. This is certainly the case regarding our 2022 “Enthusiast of the Year” award. This past year’s honor was bestowed upon the team of Tom and Christine Grabowski – effectively making it the 2022 Enthusiasts of  the Year award. 

The thoughtful debate behind the scenes not only considers the efforts and enthusiastic participation within the Southeast Michigan (SEM) Region PCA events put forth over the past year – but also the past years.  Tom and Christine have been passionate lynchpins in the success of our annual Picnic and have been avid participants in the annual Porsche Parade, as well as in our SEM events. 

Within weeks of joining SEM/PCA in 2016, they went to their first Porsche Parade at Jay Peak, VT.  This was their first event following the purchase of their spirited Boxster S.

Again – a perfect representation of the literal power of the Porsche “S” designation. 

Since that first Parade, we often see them enjoying our tours and the friendships they have fostered within the club. Ever smiling and gracious, they regularly meet new members and share their positivity.  

And they definitely “come prepared” for any situation. During one outing to Tail of the Dragon in which the hotel elevator they were on with the Williams’ got stuck with the doors closed for an extended period, their positivity, humor and provisions saved the day.   When rescue personnel opened the elevator doors, they found a jovial cocktail hour in-progress complements of the Grabowskis who were equipped with wine AND glasses. There was a moment (just a moment) when it was questionable whether they were going to immediately vacate the elevator and the good time being had by all.  Cheers!

But most notably is their contribution to our annual Picnic. One of our largest events of the year, the Picnic requires a team of individuals to ensure the day is enjoyable for all. Tom, an avid amateur chef who regularly participates in BBQ cook-offs, has provided his culinary skills the past several years.  He has ensured that the tasty main entrees are eagerly anticipated each year. From tangy tender ribs to savory grilled salmon and grilled vegetables, Tom perfectly coordinates the timing for all the food to magically be ready for everyone at the same time. No small feat. 

In keeping with their teamwork approach, Christine is just as involved with the Picnic. Supporting Tom’s planning and serving as Patti Door’s (Patti serves as the long-time Picnic Chair) right-hand woman, she is tireless in her efforts with the day.  And throughout the day – regardless of the temperature and the weather conditions – you will find both Tom and Christine quick to smile and share a laugh while focused on their duties. 

Without club members that get involved and share their time and skills to run our events, we wouldn’t have nearly so many activities to offer to our membership.  

And so we say to Tom and Christine: Thanks!