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Southeast Michigan PCA 65th Anniversary Celebration

By Lisa Molzon

Happy 65th Anniversary to Us!
The finest things in life only get better with age. Whether it is wine, longstanding friendships, art, whiskey, or the Southeast Michigan Region Porsche Club of America (SEM/PCA).

In honor of our fine car club, a celebration befitting its 65th anniversary was held September 10th at the Packard Proving Grounds (PPG). The historic automotive location, the brainchild of Dennis Denyer, was ideal for the gathering to honor one of the oldest Porsche Club of America’s regions.

Upon entering the grounds, each SEM/PCA member was directed to queue under the canopy of trees beside the long roadway bordering the PPG buildings. Making their way through the line, each member then had their photo taken with their Porsche vehicle for a long-lasting memento of the evening, thanks to the logistical efforts of Jim Williams.
Once parked alongside the other Porsches, members were treated to a spectacular display of Porsches of all years and models. A selection of fourteen member’s Porsches were prominently displayed with write-ups featured in the evening’s program. Attendees were certainly privy to one of the best Porsche “autoshows” in Michigan, thanks to the coordination of Howard Gilson.

Upon entering the original Packard Repair Garage, members were greeted with a commemorative program with a 65th SEM/PCA window decal, personalized nametag (their name and Porsche model) and a Porsche commemorative plaque. Present throughout the materials and the evening was the bespoke SEM 65th Anniversary logo crafted by Dan Christie.

Sponsors: RWS Financial Services

Photos by: Justin Duff Photography LLC