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 Charity and Community Corner

Southeast Michigan (SEM) is one of the eldest regions, being a good blueprint for other regions to come. 


New restrictions implemented due to Coronavirus COVID-19 have severely impacted all future events, protecting our members, volunteers, and participants’ health and safety is our #1 priority.


The seriousness of the virus and the heavy restrictions have caused both SEM and the Lingenfelter Car Collection’s cancellation until further notice. Check back for any updates.


“Compassionate leaders understand that people who are driven want to be part of something meaningful and influential.”

Written by Sherrie Campbell



We more then happy to lend a helping hand for a charity in great need.

All private information will be kept confidential. Only pertinent information will be shared. 

Please submit an email to charity@sem.pca.org in you’re own words, what charity you would like us to support, and why.


“Changing some lives will make a difference.”
         100% of all donations go to charity.





  We have our Club’s Goodie Store available to you online.

We have many things to choose from: Hats, any sport or casual Shirts, Coats and Jackets, Backpacks, and more.

You can order directly from PCA. Just click the link below.

(SEM Webstore)