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 Charity and Community Corner

Southeast Michigan (SEM) is one of the eldest regions being a good blueprint for other regions to come. 

Adopt A Family Goodfellows Charity

Showing mom the gifts for each child.

Adopt A Family Goodfellows Charity

Giving each child a bag of there assigned presents.

Trying to keep safe distance with the children. The kids were given one open present (scooters) and the rest for Xmas day.

Due to COVID’s persistence, charities have creatively found methods to continue doing goodwill for the community. This year we wanted to join Goodfellows “No child without a Christmas.” program.
The Westland branch of Goodfellows has proudly been serving its city residents for nearly 60 years.
The Christmas Assistance Program accepts applications submitted by families in need of Christmas support for their children.
Families must demonstrate financial hardship to be approved. Recipients received shopping vouchers to be used at the local retail stores to purchase items for their children. Purchases are reviewed in detail to maintain program guidelines. Children also receive hats & gloves, coloring books & crayons, dental kits, and donated toys collected by the Goodfellows. Finally, families will receive a food voucher to use at a local grocery store. This Christmas, our adoptive family is a mother of three young children. Goodfellows provides a list of each child’s wishes. The ideal goal is to cover as many desires within reason. After 2 days and 8 hours of searching items, each bag was completed. Due to COVID-19, I was instructed not wrap any gifts, I tied a knot in each bag giving one toy 🎁 as a early gift to play with. The mother was given a few essentials to further take care of her children. The children were very nice and polite appreciative, energetic, excited and grateful  to see what was in their bags. The feeling is priceless in carrying and bringing joy to someone that will appreciate gifts given especially this time of the year. 

I hope everyone says safe and have a happy, healthy holiday. 


New restrictions implemented due to Coronavirus COVID-19
have severely impacted all future events; 

Protecting our members, volunteers, and participants, health and safety is our #1 priority. We are more then happy to lend a helping hand to a charity in need. (All private information will be kept confidential. Only pertinent information will be shared.)

Please submit an email to charity@sem.pca.org in your own words, what charity you would like us to support, and why.

“If you think your too small to have an impact,
Try going to bed with a mosquito.”

Anita Roddick

“Let’s change some lives will make a difference.” 100% of all donations are given charity.






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