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P4-2022-04: The Lingenfelter Collection Recap

ARTICLE BY EVENT CHAIR CHRISSY CROWE   PHOTOS BY GRETUS HOOGESTRAAT, TODD MIERZWIACK AND NICHOLAS RIGHI In the morning it was 30 degrees and snowing, not the best driving conditions, therefore I was a little skeptical about the attendance. I arrived at The Lingenfelter Collection around 8:30 a.m. and Ken[…]

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P4-2021-12 – The Inaugural American Speed Festival at M1 Concourse

Article by Bill Molzon Google defines Festival as a “gathering of people to celebrate something,”  such as heritage, culture and traditions, AND states that “attending a Festival with your best friends means having GREAT experiences that you’ll be talking about for years to come”.  The American Speed Festival certainly fits that[…]

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P4-2021-07 – 2021 Spring Tour

Article by Lucas Phan and Photos by Lisa Molzon Due to the COVID resurgence earlier this year, the 2021 Spring Tour was the toughest event I have organized so far.  All the local parks were crowded and finding a restaurant to host for lunch or dinner was nearly impossible.  We[…]

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P4-2021-04 – Judging the Details

Article by John Khami All photos are courtesy of Fred Young A honey bee caused a Concours point deduction for Porsche Club member, Fred Young.   Fred washed the wheels around the lug nuts then washed them a second time on the back side to remove brake dust.  He swirled[…]

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