PCA Southeast Michigan Region

Drivers Education _ Covid-19 Updates / Plan

The Southeast Michigan PCA region values the safety of its members and guests above all else. We will be hosting our events in observation of all the proper Covid-19 personal safety procedures.

We’ve had to make some adjustments to our program this year in consideration of the continuing Covid-19 situation.  What follows is reference information about the changes and what we hope our DE events will look like going forward during these challenging times.  This information may be modified and be updated as regulations or policies change.  We will make every attempt to contact all of our participants with any modifications that may affect them and their participation. Please check back here and contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.  As the anthem of these times seems to be – We are all in this together.  This could not be more true for all of us involved in the SEM PCA DE program.  We are planning to still have great events and great experiences this year and look forward to seeing everyone (at a safe distance).

(Updated 07MAR21)

 At this time, our events are still on.  Many adjustments have been made to our usual program.  Even if you have attended one of our Driver Education days in the past, please read the following information carefully.  

For our events we are only able to have the Advanced, Intermediate, and Touring Session student groups.  This is inline with PCA National guidelines.  Look for group specific details below.  

General Covid-19 safety procedures –

– In accordance with Michigan Social Distancing regulations we can only allow one person per car.  

– Registration will be a ‘drive through’ style with minimal contact and proper PPE in place.  More information to come …

– Parking should be such to allow for appropriate social distancing when moving around vehicles.

– Meetings such as Track walks, Drivers Meetings, and Classroom sessions will be adjusted to accommodate proper distancing.  Again, more information to come …

– Please be considerate about guests.  We are requiring only participants attend.  The fewer people on the grounds, the safer we all will be.

– Tech inspections are still required for Advanced and Intermediate groups.  We have spoken with several businesses to ensure these can be completed following the State Covid-19 guidelines.  Please contact the SEM PCA DE Team if you need any help getting the inspection completed.  


Touring Sessions –

For our Drivers Education days we will continue hosting the much asked for Touring Sessions. These are perfect for first timers and beginners.  Here is a chance to see what track days are all about with lower commitment but the full enjoyment and educational experience.

Touring Sessions allow participants the opportunity to experience the track in a comfortable low-speed session.  

Requirements for the Participant(s):

  • The participant will be driving his/her own vehicle.
  • The driver participant must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All participants must sign the appropriate waivers.
  • Helmets are not required. 
  • All vehicle doors must be securely closed and seat-belts securely fastened. 
  • It is mandatory to keep speeds well below “track speed,” with a maximum speed of 60 mph.  Several ‘pace cars’ will control.
  • No passing is allowed.
  • Passengers are all not allowed.

Not only will participants have sessions to drive on the track but classroom time as well.  These classrooms allow us the chance to discuss the concepts of car dynamics and driving techniques. We break down terms like under-steer and rotation, weight transfer and threshold braking in further detail. The class sessions reinforce what students are putting to practical use during the driving sessions. We feel this dual approach is extremely beneficial and separates us from just ‘open track’ days.


Novice Group –

Due to Social Distancing regulations and PCA National Guidelines, Novice Group will not be available for our events at this time. 


Intermediate Group –

Our Intermediate group is typically those who have done a few previous Driver Education events in the past and have a good foundation of High Performance driving.  We look for those individuals who have some experience and are showing improvement while maintaining safe driving habits.  

Drivers in this group usually have an instructor assigned to them for the day.  Due to Social Distance and PCA National Guidelines we are not able to place instructors in vehicles with our drivers.  SEM PCA will have instructors carefully monitoring drivers in each student group and providing meaningful feedback after each session.  While not the ideal, live guidance we normally provide, this will still be of great benefit for those who participate.   We will also be using the flags to a higher extent to communicate with drivers on track and may be pulling cars in mid-session for more guidance.

The Porsche Club of America recognizes there is a certain safety element to having trained instructors in the cars with our students in various groups as well.  The ability to administer immediate response to unsafe driving techniques will be somewhat muted due to the situation.  Please understand that for this reason, we may be very selective on the participants for this group.  We strive to provide the best possible experience at our events and take safety extremely seriously.  We feel our record speaks to this.  


Advanced Group –

Our Advanced group is typically those who have done numerous Driver Education events in the past and have a solid knowledge of High Performance driving.  We look for those individuals who have a great deal of experience (often on several tracks) and show exemplary safe driving habits.

For this event, our Advanced Group will run as normal.  

More info to follow – Please check back soon !!