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2006 Family Picnic and Concours

Article by Fred Young.

Well, it wasn’t a perfect day, but it sure was close. After giving Jeff Snyder my personal guarantee that it wouldn’t rain, guess what? It rained! Around 10:00 a.m. we were subject to a brief shower of about 10 minutes. However, it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. New member Richard Collins showed off his 1980 gold 911 SC along with photos of his restoration. Bob Amano entered the first Cayenne in competition.

The field was smaller than last year because of a number of other events and shows. The good news was that almost everyone who entered a car in the competition received a beautiful plastic trophy with the SEM badge included in the design. The trophies were designed by Nick Moskatow and the plastic procured by Leon Todaqro, both club members.

Our illustrious judges, Neil Goldberg, John Denyer, Bob Bogart, Bob Amano, Bruce Gearns, and Ted Dunham did a great job of making hair splitting decisions as to ranking the cars. All total, 23 members received trophies for their detailing efforts. The final results are shown below.

The food was coordinated by Sue and Dennis Denyer. As in the past, everything was great, including the main course of ribs, chicken, and sausage, accompanied by all the side dishes. Appetizers, dishes to pass, and desserts were brought by club members and there was plenty to go around and satisfy every culinary taste. No one went away hungry.

This is one of the great clug events of the year. Thanks to all who participated.

Comments and suggestins are always welcome after club events to make them better. Please pass them along to the appropriate persons listed in the directory in the P4 and on the “Officers” tab on the web site. Ideas are also needed for future trophies and any skills you might pessess to create them.

The results, in order of finish, were:

356 Class:
Dick McLaughlin -1965 356C

Early 911 before 1974, 912, and 914 Class:
Charles Randau – 1970 914-6

1975 thru 1989 911 Class:
Bob Bogart – 1988 911 Targa
Rick Shans – 1987 930
Steve Gordon – 1984 911
Eric Chau – 1988 930
Tom Houtteman – 1989 911Cabriolet
Gary and Pat Ambrus – 1977 911SC
Richard Collins – 1989 911SC

1990 and newer 911 Clcass:
Fred Young – 2002 996
Ed Donnan -1997 993
Ron and Joni Lernowich – 1996 993
Jeff Snyder – 1996 993
Suzanne Gilson – 2003 996 Turbo
Matt Fenster – 2006 996 C4S
Howard Gilson – 1996 996 4S

924, 928 and 944 Class:
Bruce Gearns -1987 944S
Ben Salvador – 1986 928S4

Boxsters and Cayennes Class:
Dave Miller – 2000 Boxster S
Don Kleist – 2001 Boxster S
Bob Amano – 2004 Cayenne
Shirley Widmer – 2000 Boxster
Ed Gasper – 2000 Boxster

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