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2006 Holiday Party

Article and photos by Dawn Walton

The SEM 2006 Holiday Party was held at Andiamos in Bloomfield again this year.  It was fabulous once again. The Valet staff may have been the only ones disappointed as I did not see many Porsches in the lot.  We met in the banquet room located in the lower level, which was festively decorated with lights and evergreens. 

Cocktail hour was in full swing when we arrived. We snacked on a variety of appetizers that included pasta salads, cured meats, bruchetta, veggies and my personal favorite, roasted peppers. It was a delicious way to start the evening. I was not shy about taking two plates (they were very small…) and perhaps even a second trip.

A professional photographer was on hand to take a keepsake photo of everyone. Preferring not to be on that side of the camera, I steered Eric away from the area. But much to my chagrin, the photography staff tracked us down somehow and came to our table and directed us back to snap our photo. Each photo was available a very short time later, and they were very nice photographs. 

While we mingled, a magician delighted the crowd with tricks and jokes. His magical skill was impressive. He shared a secret or two with my seat mate, Adam Bonner, who will practice and no doubt dazzle us at another function with his magic. I am still trying to figure out the rope tricks, but have figured out the mind reading.

Dinner began with minestrone soup. The wait staff was quick and efficient in bringing us salad, pasta and family style beef, chicken and steamed vegetables. Dessert was an ice cream sundae. It was a nice meal, shared with friends in a warm and festive atmosphere.

SEM’s charity for this year was the Christ Child House. Some members were able to get a look at the wish list and brought specific toys for the children. Some members generously donated so that Dave and Deb Miller can finish the shopping. The Millers have done an outstanding job organizing the whole event. We are so grateful for their willingness to finish the charity project.  

Patti Door, SEM’s first lady President, passed the job onto Dave Burton. She kept her gavel, but handed down a timer. Having been at a few meetings run by Dave, I don’t think we will need it for that, but you never know when a dinging timer is needed. SEM is in good hands. Thank you, Patti and Dave. There was a change in the driver’s seat of the Drivers Ed Program as well as Jeff Amos turned the program over the Michael Eblemkemp. For those of you who are racers or just interested in the DE program, I know you too are in good hands. Thanks Jeff and Michael. 

Dave Burton was awarded the 2006 Enthusiast of the Year Award. He has planned many drives and events, been active and supportive to the Club for many years and continues to devote his time and ideas as President. Thanks, Dave, and Congratulations!!

The evening closed with a quick raffle of door prizes and the ever popular drawing for five sets of tires. Congratulations to all the winners. We left with a great Porsche book to add to our collection and a fancy photograph of Eric and me having a great time.

(Thanks also go to Dave Miller for his tireless work in planning and organizing this fabulous Holiday Party. – webmaster)

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