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Tech Inspector Training at Munk’s Motors – Feb 18, 2006

By Don Kleist

Jeff Amos, Chief Instructor, and Gary Ambrus, Safety Chairman, conducted a training session at Munk’s Motors on Saturday, Feb 18 to teach selected club volunteers how to inspect cars for safety before they are allowed to drive at our Driver’s Education events. These volunteers successfully passed the training and now can perform the required inspections. This will help our host for these inspections, Munk’s Motors, because they will no longer have to provide technicians to do the inspections.

Jeff and Gary used Chris Braden’s 911 as an example during most of the instruction. This proved to be a great training aid as Chris has not yet completed all the work necessary to make his 911 track-worthy. The aspiring inspectors were able to see first hand some of the things they will have to look for during inspections.

After finishing with Chris’ 911 Jeff used your webmaster’s Boxster S to demonstrate how to check roll bars on convertibles to see if they are sufficiently high to protect the occupants. Some people are just too tall to fit safely under some roll bars, as Marc Molzon found out.

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