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Dave Wright’s 1986 Porsche 930

Dave Wright’s 1986 Porsche 930


Here’s my story……

As long as I can recall, cars have been a passion of mine. My mother tells stories of me as early as age 5 sitting on our tree lawn naming every car going down the road. Then, in 1979, it happened. I saw (and heard) my very first 930. With a tingly feeling in my gut a rush of adrenaline, this 6th grader became hooked for life. From that time on, I always had at least one picture of a 911 turbo on my wall. After all, my weekly allowance and lawn cutting business didn’t pay quite enough to buy one. So I had to be satisfied with mere pictures and an occasional real-life sighting. To me, there’s nothing like the timeless 911 style complimented by the curves and wide stance of the turbo. I kept telling myself that one day I would be fortunate enough to have one.

At my high school graduation, a friend bet me $100 that I wouldn’t own one by our 20th class reunion. Next summer I look forward to collecting on this bet. If he makes good on it, there will be a very nicely framed $100 dollar bill framed w/ a photo of my car someplace in our home…….location to be approved by Dawn, my wife (of course).

In the winter of 2002 I finally had the means to make this dream come true, and so the search began. I was looking for a ’91 or ’92 black C2 turbo. I found a few of them within my budget, but was repeatedly disappointed with their condition. Generally speaking, they weren’t up-to-par with my expectations relative to evidence of care and attention to detail. I had a unique opportunity to drive a rare 1992 C2 S2 turbo (approx. 20 built). Unfortunately, this car had a severely pitted paint finish and significant evidence of corrosion. It would have been too expensive for an acceptable restoration. The search continued….

In November 2003, I located in the Cleveland area a black ’91 C2 turbo and contacted a well-known Porsche dealer in that same area to schedule a pre-purchase inspection. To my surprise, they wouldn’t oblige unless I specified the items to be inspected. Not having the expertise to provide a comprehensive list to them, I started looking on the internet for another place to have this car inspected. I found Autobahn Extremist located in a western suburb of Cleveland, and decided to have them do the inspection. This car was overfilled with oil, it had leaks, the air/fuel mix was very (too) lean and there was even dog hair and food crumbs inside. C’mon now…at least vacuum the car before trying to sell it!

So the trip to Ohio wasn’t a total waste of time, I spent some time talking to the owner of Autobahn Extremist, Chris Moore. He was very easy to talk to and very willing to spend time with me to help with my search. He recalled that one of his customers owned a 930 and had casually mentioned that he should just sell it because he just wasn’t using it. Chris made a call, the owner named a price, Chris inspected the car and within two weeks, I owned my first Porsche! It wasn’t the model or color I had originally been looking for. What I found was even better, and truly unique.

Year: 1986
Model: 930
Color: Original paint to sample from Porsche w/ color-coded Fuchs. The color is best described as burgundy with a dark copper tint.
Mileage: 40,000
Options: RUF dealer-installed (at new): steering wheel, shifter knob, gauges, adjustable
boost, 2bar tell-tale boost gauge, fuel enrichment, front valance, wheel center caps.
Other: B&B single outlet exhaust, K27 turbo and SC-grind cams

Before its maiden voyage back to Michigan, I had some maintenance done to include: changing all fluids, tune-up, brake job, new tires, shocks/strut inserts (Bilstein Sports) and alignment. With these things done, we decided to drive it for a while to see what issues “came up”.

Since then, all wheel bearings have been replaced, ride-height lowered, replaced a number of relays/sensors, added high-flow air intake, B&B 550ci intercooler, Euro fuel lines, shimmed fuel distributor and removed all of those “unnecessary” parts (if you know what I mean). After making a sizeable dent in my bank account, I now have confirmation that there’s nothing inexpensive about these cars. However, I don’t seem to have too much problem rationalizing any of it.

My most cherished memory of this car will always be the first day I got it. In front of my
parents’ house (they live in the Cleveland area), I was giving my mom a goodbye hug before heading home to Michigan. Unexpectedly, she broke down into tears and I asked her what was wrong. She said, “You’ve worked so hard for this and wanted this for so long. I’m just so happy that this dream came true for you.” … Me too!