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Enthusiast of the Year – 2011

Enthusiast of the Year – Fred Young

By John Keilly

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Fred Young it is easy to appreciate why he was named Enthusiast of the Year . . . it’s because he’s an enthusiastic guy!

Fred has been a member of SEM/ PCA since 1991. He originally had a 944 which he kept for 15 years.  Then, he bought his present car, a Guards Red 2002 911 Carrera.

It would not be inappropriate to call Fred “Mr. Clean.”  This year will be his 10th serving a concours chair at the Annual Picnic.   As Bob & Marilyn Amano noted, “Fred hand makes great trophies for the concours at the club’s annual picnic, and, in addition, he does an excellent job in leading the event.”

The Amano’s went on to note, “Fred willingly shares his Concours knowledge and expertise so that anyone who’s interested can participate.”

Indeed, Fred has been involved in numerous clinics for club members on the art and science of detailing and is regularly a featured speaker at annual The Devil’s in the Details event hosted by Munk’s Motors.

Fred’s prowess in concours events extends well beyond our club’s local event, all the way to the national stage.  He has attended several Porsche Parades where he consistently has won national concours awards.  Fred’s car comes about as close to perfection as humanly possible.   In 2008, Fred and Kathy took first place in the Preparation class, scoring a staggering 298.5 points out of a possible 300!

Past President Bill Lovett said, “I have been very impressed with Fred’s achievements in the national concours! I have attended Parades since 1972 and have always driven my cars to Parades to compete in the coucours. Twice I was first in my class, once in my 1966 911 and once in my 1980 SC.  In both cases I had lots of points deducted from a perfect score.  So I can appreciate what a major accomplishment it was when Fred and Kathy won with a mere 1 ½ point deduction after traveling from Detroit to Charlotte through a rain storm! I eagerly congratulated him in person when we met at our 50th Anniversary Gala. “

Fred will be the first one to admit that his lovely wife Kathy deserves a lot of credit for his wins at the national Concours.  Her car cleaning and preparation capabilities rival Fred’s.  Kathy willingly rolls up her sleeves and works to ensure that the family car shines!

Fred and Kathy’s winning ways continued last year, when they took 1st in class and 2nd in Division with their 2002 996.

When he’s not busy “cleaning up” at the national Concours Fred has also found time to serve on the Board of Directors for the past four years.

Earlier in his SEM/ PCA career – 2006 to be exact – Fred planned a memorable trip to visit the Porsche facilities and the surrounding area in Germany.  Lew Cantor recalled this trip and said, “Fred is one of the nicest and most unassuming guys I ever met in SEM/PCA. That’s saying a lot because there are many nice people who bend over backwards to help others. The only thing that I cannot account for is his appetite for weird German “delicacies.” I’ll never forget watching him devour blood sausage on our trip to Germany!”

Fred is currently leading the team that’s reviewing the club’s By Laws.

He is friendly, outgoing and makes everyone feel included.  Fred Young is the embodiment of the saying about PCA, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.”  As Bill Lovett said, “He certainly deserves the Enthusiast of the Year Award!”