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Picnic and Concours a Rousing Success – 2012

Story by Fred Young
Photos by John Keilly

The food . . . the cars . . . the weather . . . and the people.  As they say in horse racing parlance – we hit the perfecta.

The weather was picnic perfect. It was partly cloudy with a slight breeze and the temperature around eighty degrees. Not a hint of rain was in sight. You couldn’t ask for a better day.

The cars were all shined up, lined up and waiting to be judged. Many contestants arrived around 9:30 a.m. to put the finishing touches on their pride and joy. A little smudge on the window and a hint of wax here and there were all taken care of. Every car had to look its best. There was no rain to “even out the field.”

Judging began at around 11:00 a.m. with anxious anticipation by the entrants. What was that judge looking at now? Did I miss a spot? How will that affect my score? Too late now to correct any mistakes!

Meanwhile, people were casting their votes for the People’s Choice awards. Nobody was seen “buying votes” but there was spirited discussion as to their choice. Best of all everyone got a chance to check out the field, which included a wide variety of Porsche models and vintages. Alexander Pollock even drove his rare silver 904 to the event. For those that haven’t seen Alex’s car, they were in for a real treat.  It has been said that the 904 was a major inspiration for the design of the Cayman.

Judging was based strictly on cleanliness. One of our first time judges, Jim Williams – a national concours winner – commented on how different it was from a judging perspective, as opposed to being a contestant. Ranking a first, second and third place winner is difficult, to say the least. It often involves checking between two or more cars as many as three or four times to ensure fairness and accuracy, based on the judging criteria. And then, the difference might only be a small smudge of dirt on the taillight or a smear on the window. With judging complete, now it was time to wait for the results.

The food was fabulous, as usual.  By that we mean – in our considered opinion – the best feast the club has to offer.

Year after year – picnic after picnic for over thirty years– Sue and Dennis Denyer and their family have put out an outstanding cornucopia of appetizers, main course and desserts. It is no wonder that several couples from the 356 club paid three figures to attend a Polish dinner hosted by Sue and Dennis Denyer.  They won that in an auction at the 356 Christmas holiday party. That same attention to detail and love of cooking was brought to the picnic this year for over one hundred people. This includes arranging for some catering, and preparing many of the dishes beforehand, along with coordinating supplies, soft drinks, ice and the like. Thank you Sue, Dennis and the entire Denyer family.

Also to be complimented are the many members who brought an array of great dishes to further enhance the feast.  Anyone on a diet was better off staying home.

The people are of course is what makes this event the success it is. They are willing to share their time and talent to put on this summertime event. It is not a lot of fun if you have no one with whom to share your passion for Porsche. Passionate people were here on Sunday – no doubt about it. We were delighted to see a large contingent of Porsche 928 models participate.  Shark fans were everywhere, perhaps inspired by Andrew Olson’s regular column in the P4.

Our club is aging somewhat, but gracefully. Heath Hurlbert, Neil Goldberg, Jerry and Patti Door, Dave Miller, Dave Burton, and Ted Dunham, all past presidents, were there along with several board members and our secretary, Lanita Dunham. They are the fabric and glue that holds this club together. We welcomed new members on Sunday too – some attending their first event. It is hoped they too will quickly become active participants, involved in helping with an event or two and enjoying the wide variety of activities that the club has to offer. This is what keeps a club alive and vibrant with events for everyone to enjoy.

After lunch and much anticipation, it was time to hand out the awards.  Heath Hurlbert and Robert Yonce won the people’s Choice Awards.  Other class winners were: Howard Gilson, Nick Priest, Marylyn Campeau, Nick Moskatow, Bob and Marilyn Amano and John Boruta with his son, John.  A complete listing of those who “took home hardware” is provided in the concours results table.

We want to thank those who made the Concours possible.  Fred Young again chaired the event and handmade the trophies.  Howard Gilson of Gilson MotorSports, who always seems to be doing something for the Club, sponsored the trophies.   We really appreciate our volunteer judges and the job they do for us. Many thanks to our dedicated judges, Bob Amano, Bill Block, Jerry Door, Ted Dunham, Charles Hagen and Jim Williams.



People’s Choice

1973    Orange                       914                  Targa              Heath Hurlbert

2008  Guards Red               911Turbo       Cabriolet       Robert Yonce


356 – 904 Class

1964    Red                             356SC             Coupe             Howard Gilson

1964    Silver                          904                 Coupe             Alexander Pollock

1965    Slate Grey                 356C               Cabriolet       Bill Block


924 – 928 – 944 Class

1988   Nile Green                944                 Coupe             Nick Priest

1985    Beige                          944                 Coupe             Gene M. Kiesel

1982   Weissach Gold         928                 Coupe             Dennis Szeremet

1985½Guards Red              944                 Coupe             Don Kleist


Boxster – Cayman Class

2006   Midnight Blue                      Boxster          Cabriolet       Marylyn Campeau

1997    Silver                          Boxster          Cabriolet       Carlos Carmona

2002   Blue                            Boxster          Cabriolet       Lucas Phan


911 – 912 – 914  before 1986 Class

1984   Gold Gray                  911                  Coupe             Nick Moskatow

1985    Black                          911                  Coupe             Jeff & Allison Sapp

1970    Black                          914-6              Targa              Charlie Randau


1987 – 1998 – 911 Class

1988   Nougat Brown          911                  Cabriolet       Bob and Marilyn Amano

1995    Fly Yellow                 993                 Coupe             Jerry & Patti Door

1987    Guards Red               911                  Carbiolet       Chris Braden

1988   Granite Gray                        930 Turbo     Coupe             Eric Chau


1999 & up – 911 Class

2003   Seal Gray                   996                 Cabriolet       John & John Boruta

2004   Black                          996-4S           Coupe             Mark & Rene Vander Eyk

2002   Lapis Blue                 996-4S           Cabriolet       Mike Stanesic


*Entrants are listed in the order of finish.


Our sincere apologies go out to Jim Williams. In the course of receiving his judging assignment his own car-judging sheet was not turned in. Talk about dedication.  After all the time Jim spent on cleaning his car it was sure to be a contender and we are sorry it was missed.