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SEM Driver’s Education – 06/08/2006

SEM/PCA Driver’s Education Sponsored by

Bob Lindstrom had his first experience driving on a racetrack at the Driver’s Education Event held at Waterford Hills Raceway in June. Bob’s wife, Kari, documented on film many of the events leading up to his first hot laps, his progress on the track, and some of what happened after. Her pictures are shown below.

HPIM0127_jpg HPIM0135_jpg DSC00614_jpgDSC00638_jpg DSC00639_jpg HPIM0105_jpg HPIM0106_jpgHPIM0110_jpg HPIM0117_jpg HPIM0118_jpg HPIM0119_jpgHPIM0120_jpg HPIM0123_jpg HPIM0124_jpg DSC00618_jpg