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A True Story

By Michael Cohen and Fran Amos

Most of you know Fran and Ed Amos. They are long time SEM members, supporters and volunteers and their son Jeff is the past president of the region. Like approximately 900 other PCA members, they made plans to attend the Porsche Parade in Traverse City this past June.

In preparation for their drive to the Cherry Capital on June 23rd, Ed was assigned the responsibility of making sure that their ride, a 1999 arctic silver Carrera 4 cabriolet was ready for the trip. He checked the fluids, tire pressures and wear, cleaned the car and pronounced it fit for the trip. They carefully packed the car and early Sunday morning started their drive, Fran at the wheel.

About a half hour into the drive, North on I 75, Fran noticed that the car started to vibrate and mentioned it to Ed. He told her to pull over to the side of the road, so he could see if there was a problem. As Fran came to a stop, the right rear tire exhaled its air, and then immediately went flat. Ed got out and looked at the tire and saw that the inner tread was down to its cords. Although he checked the tires at home, he neglected to get under the car to look at the inner tire wear. What to do? The Porsche had a space saver spare tire in the front compartment.

Fran called son Jeff for suggestions as what to do.

At the same time, SEM members Mary and Jim Stevens were driving south on I 75, returning from a trip up North. Jim looked to his left and saw a Porsche parked on the side of the road going North. He and Mary recognized that it was Fran and Ed’s car. They took the next exit, turned around and stopped in front of the Amos’ disabled Porsche. Between Jim & Ed they put air in the space saver tire from the little box that comes with the spare. Jim put the bad tire & rim in his vehicle. Jim and Mary followed Fran & Ed to Jeff’s house where both Jim & Jeff got on their cell phones tracking down where we could get tires to fit. (It was Sunday, no tire places were open plus the tires would have to be ordered) A call to Dr. Gary Mason who was at work said that he did indeed have wheels and tires that would fit the Amos’ 996, but unfortunately he would not be able to leave the hospital to give Jeff the wheels and tires. Gary contacted a friend who was able to get them in his garage. Jeff and his parents drove over to Gary’s house, which was close by and Jeff changed the tires on his parents car. Fran and Ed were off again and finally made it to the Grand Traverse Resort at 6 pm, more than seven hours after they left home. Just in time for the welcoming dinner.

Fran and Ed were most appreciative of the extra effort by Mary and Jim Stevens, Jeff Amos and Dr. Gary Mason. PCA’s slogan gets it exactly right. “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”.