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Sharks In Hell – 2013

Sharks in Hell

The first weekend of each August for the past eight years the local (and sometimes no so local) 928 owners get together in Hell, Michigan for what we affectionately call, “Sharks in Hell.”  Let me be the first to tell you, it’s a hell of a good time!

One of our local 928 owners, Mark Haddlesey and his wife Karen, are gracious hosts to the roughly 35 928s that show up.  I should really clarify that number.  Usually there are about 35 or more 928 owners, but only 30 or so cars show up.  Such is the world of the 928.

There’s camping, swimming, fishing, lawn games, and all kinds of things to do.  Kids and spouses seem to have an equally good time as the guys who grunt, scratch, and act like dogs sniffing each other’s cars.  We attempt to have an informal tech session each year.  In years past, we’ve disassembled a 928 block (which was one of my favorite tech sessions,) alignments, and clutch jobs.  This year, we showed a new owner how to properly tension his timing belt, and we showed how to diagnose a bad fuel injection computer.  There were a few other small tech sessions as well.

Beside all the local Michigan 928s, we had people from Canada, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota this year.  This year the Canadians introduced us to peameal bacon, and all I can say is wow!  It was out of this world delicious. This year, one of the folks from Indiana arrived in a satin silver vinyl wrapped 928.  It got a lot of attention.  I would seriously consider vinyl as an alternative to paint.  The results were fantastic and the price was very reasonable at $1,600 for the entire car, installed!

In addition to the collection of 928s we had a few other choice cars show up as well.  We had a sweet 944, an electric 911, a Panamera GTS, and a DB9!  Mark your calendars for next year on the first weekend of August and go to Hell.  It’s one Hell of a good time!


A quick update on my Euro project I’ve been writing about in past issues of the P4.  The motor is coming back out.  I had a “slightly catastrophic” failure.  It’s a long story and I’m still not 100% sure what the cause was nor the extent of the damage.

Remember, the 928 crew gets together at the Parrot Cove Yacht Club in Troy, MI on the second Wednesday of each month from 7 to 9 PM.  If you have a 928 or want to get one, please join us.

Excessive camber and a few too many burnouts Live music was a huge hit Many Sharks lined up My 928 GT which is still a bit sick made it to the event One shark breaking away from the pack Sharks in a row The all-electric 911 was a pretty cool attraction this year T-shirts and matching posters Dave K brought two 928s this year - The one on the left is the Onion Everyone is checking their ticket number to see if they won a prize