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2014 Detroit North American International Auto Show

2014.01.18 DNAIA 08 Welcome smallPorsche Club Preview Event of the Detroit North American International Auto Show 2014
including World Premiere of the new 911 Targa

Like in 2013 we wanted to go to the “Porsche Club Preview Event” which includes some light breakfast. The registration started on January 6th at 12:00 pm. About 1:30 pm I went online and signed Victoria and me up. A friend called at 7:15 pm and asked if he and his wife could join us, sure why not. Victoria has her own PCA membership and everybody can bring one guest. At 7:20 pm I went online to do the registration under Victoria’s account, but I only could get 1 ticket. Wow, the Event was already sold out!!!

The preview was really great.

2014.01.18 DNAIA 55 Manny Alban - Paul Gregor - Ron Carr - Michael SorianoLike last year we met Paul Gregor, who is the Manager of Porsche Cars North America Inc. He is a great guy, but I still didn’t get the big Porsche emblem for my car port LOL.
We spoke with the National PCA President Manny Alban, former Zone 4 Representative Ron Carr and reigning Zone 4 Representative Michael Soriano.

We socialized with fellow members Don Kleist, Nancy Richardson, Marc Molzon with his wife Lisa and dad, Gary Ambrus and his 2 sons.

2014.01.18 DNAIA 16 New 911 Targa and Victoria
I never liked the Targa because of the steep rear window, but seeing the new one, I love it. Everything goes together, everything flows, super nice.

Then there is one more thing to mention …
The Porsche 918 Spyder
2014.01.18 DNAIA 43 Porsche 918 Spyder
It was sitting in a locked room, you could not even get close to it.
After 30 minutes Porsche opened the doors for us, we could touch it 🙂