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SellYourSportsCar.Net is a Troy, MI based automobile consignment service that specializes in brokerage of highline, classic and exotic cars; primarily Porsches. The business was started three years ago by Matt Fenster, an active member of SEM/PCA. Having sold a few cars for friends and family; Matt realized that there were many owners of Porsches who wanted to sell their cars, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so as well as not wanting to field the phone calls or show their car to strangers at their home or work place. As a result, he realized that he could provide a service for those people and have fun at the same time; making extra money while playing with cool cars. Shortly after, Matt realized that he did not have the time needed to allot to the new business as well as his primary occupation in commercial real estate and took on a partner, Michael Cohen, also an active SEM/PCA member. Together, they have grown the business and have had great fun and success.

SellYourSportsCar.Net (SYSC) takes vehicles on consignment; markets them and finds buyers; with the objective of procuring the fair market value for the seller. Matt and Michael meet with the prospective seller, explain the process, obtain as much information as is available on the car, take high quality digital photos and merchandize the car via the internet, as well as other forms of advertising and word of mouth… The sellers are continually informed of the status of their car and all offers are presented to them. Once a deal is agreed on, SYSC handles all aspects of the transaction including paperwork, handling of funds through an escrow company when required and arranging for transportation if necessary. It is a clean, easy process for both the seller and the buyer.

The company was originally named SellYourPorsche.Com; however two issues caused a name change. As business expanded sellers of other marquees such as Ferrari Rolls Royce, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and the like requested to consign their cars to the company. Additionally, Porsche Cars North America took a dim view of a non-Porsche authorized dealer using the Porsche name and asked Matt and Michael to change it. For those reasons, the name was changed to SellYourSportsCar.Net last year.

The business has grown significantly. Sales increased from 2012 to 2013 by 138%. Much of the growth has come from repeat and referral business. One client has sold six cars through SYSC. Others have sold or bought multiple cars from the company. Buyers and sellers have also referred friends and relatives who have subsequently done business with SYSC. Matt and Michael feel that the “word of mouth” is one of the most gratifying aspects of the business and it is a clear indication of customer satisfaction.

The business model is working so well that the partners are planning to expand the company to different geographic areas and market niches. In place now is a branch in Ann Arbor and one in Seattle. Also being developed is a classic car consignment venue in the Detroit area. If these go well, undoubtedly more expansion will follow.

The company’s web site is www.SellYourSportsCar.Net. Take a look.