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Our Porsche Museum and Factory Tour in Zuffenhausen

After finishing business at the Consulate General of the United States of America in Frankfurt we headed South on the Autobahn A5. At lunch time we stopped in the City of Heidelberg to have some lunch at the Italian restaurant Rosini, located at the River Neckar. Heidelberg is the fifth largest city in the State of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Freiburg im Breisgau. Heidelberg is part of the densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, a popular tourist destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, including Heidelberg Castle and the baroque style Old Town. The United States military has the Garrison Heidelberg installation in Heidelberg. Elvis Presley served his duty in Heidelberg.
We continued our journey South towards Stuttgart and arrived at the Holiday Inn in the suburb Weilimdorf. Conveniently next to the hotel was a train station. In the afternoon we took the train to downtown Stuttgart and discovered that the Porscheplatz is only 2 stops away. After Victoria finished her souvenir shopping we had dinner and called it a day. After breakfast the next morning we took the train and exited at the Porscheplatz station which is right next to the museum.

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 01

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 02

After I paid 60 EUR for the pre-ordered tour our guide Ozan Tulgar arrived. While introducing each other the woman from the ticket counter came and gave us the 60 EUR back. She said it was under an order number and we didn’t have to pay … did someone of you ordered a car for me?

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 03Victoria and Ozan Tulgar

Mr. Tulgar was very skilled and could answer every question without hesitation which made the tour an excellent experience. We saw a lot of cars, the first electro car, first hybrid, the Prototype, the first race car, 356 Roadster #1, Carrera RSR 3.0, 993 GT1 race and street version, and at the end the 919 Hybrid.

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 04The Prototype

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 05

993 GT1 Race Version (1996)

2014.05.20 Porsche Museums Tour Stuttgart 06

993 GT1 Street Version (1997)

After the hour tour we deserved some lunch at the museum restaurant “Boxenstop”.

At 2 pm we went on a 2 hour factory tour which starts at the museum. You have to surrender any type of picture taking devices, that’s the reason we don’t have any pictures of the tour. Also due to security reasons the factory tour is limited in size. We saw the build of the cars from the beginning to the end. Somehow it reminded me of the Model T Tour we had in May. The factory is located in a city and has limited space. The build starts on the 3 level , then the car makes it way down the second and first level.
After the car assembly we went to the “saddlery”. In was very humid in there. We were told this is done on purpose to improve the stretchiness of the leather. Amazing how they work with the leather and how the sew it.
Next stop was engine assembly, from start to finish. All Porsche engines are built in Stuttgart on 2 assembly lines. One line is for the flat six engines and one for the V engines. Compared to other manufactures Porsche builds the engine from a kit box. At the market place all the engine parts for this particular engine are placed in a kit box and this box travels down the assembly line with the engine.
At the end of the assembly line is the EFT (End Function Test) where the engine gets tested before shipping to the car assembly.
Over all is was very interesting and informative. Just in case you ever take the tour, it is good ideas to have some comfortable walking shoes … you walk a lot on the factory tour.