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P4-2018/01/02 – 2017 SEM Enthusiast of the Year-Walter Crump

By Mark Vander Eyk

SEM has a long established tradition of recognizing the club’s Enthusiast of the Year at the annual Holiday Party. Each year the SEM past presidents confer and select a club member to receive this prestigious award based on who, in their opinion, has dedicated significant time, effort and enthusiasm in support of club activities. Of course the candidate must participate in events, volunteer and make others feel welcome. But, they also have to go above and beyond the call of duty to distinguish themselves and make good things happen for the club. The honor is represented by an impressive mantel clock, known as the Jack Kaminska Award in recognition of its first recipient’s enormous contributions to the club in 1972. Around the base of the clock are embossed plaques recording each year’s award winner. After holding the Jack Kaminska Award for a year, the Enthusiast of the Year passes the clock on to the next year’s recipient. Each Enthusiast of the Year also receives a smaller mantel clock of their own as part of their award.

After dinner, Patti Door presented the 2017 Enthusiast of the Year Award. Patti began by asking each of the previous award winners to come to the podium. Of course this group includes many of our current and past club leadership. SEM benefits from having this core group of dedicated enthusiasts who help our club organize a wide variety of events-touring, track, technical, concours and social. Finally it was time for Patti to announce this year’s Jack Kaminska Award winner-Drum roll, please-Walter Crump.

Walter joined the Porsche experience in 2002 with the purchase of a 1983 944. In 2009 he moved up to a 1999 Boxster and joined SEM. Walter is very enthusiastic, friendly and personable, those qualities led to his election to the SEM Board of Directors in 2015-2016. Two years later he ran for reelection and we are lucky to have him represent us again for 2017-2018. For the past three years Walter has chaired the Fall Color Tour, which is always one of the club’s best attended activities. Each time the route he planned has been interesting and enjoyable with the tour ending at a carefully selected restaurant for dinner. Walter enjoys participating in the club drive tours, picnic and social activities. He has an automotive engineering background with Ford and TRW, plus Booz Allen Hamilton consulting experience with the U.S. government. Walter is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and served as a Marine Corps officer before joining the private sector in 1983. I am sure he developed some skills in the Marines that could come in handy at some of our club events, such as “Cider Mill you were not prepared with enough doughnuts-drop down and give me ten!”

We also want to recognize Walter’s wife, Sabrina, for all the support and assistance she provides for club activities, plus being a Ladies Drive regular. Please congratulate and thank Walter for being named 2017 Enthusiast of the Year next time you see him!