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By Fred Young

What appeared to be the start of a gloomy, rainy day turned out to be ideal weather for our concours and picnic. Activity started before 8:30 a.m. for the early birds who were determined to get a leg up on cleaning their cars. The smell of bacon and coffee filled the air thanks to Patti Door getting that and egg and sausage muffins for the early arrivals. One by one the show cars started drifting in with most drawing admiring glances from the entrants and onlookers. Just about every make and model of Porsche was represented. From the newest 2018 Panamera to the earliest 1964 356’s, just about every model of Porsches were represented. While Porsche events are supposedly about the people, the cars held center stage in the parking lot. At 11:30 a.m. the judging team started to evaluate the cars. Not much was overlooked. From the tiniest smudge to the leftover trace of wax it was noted on the judging sheets.

Vehicles entered in the concours await judging

Of course, everyone had an opportunity to munch on the hors d’oeuvres that were set out on the dining tables. But the real treat was yet to come. Chicken, sausage, salmon, and ribs were brought out as the main course. A myriad of award winning salads, fruits and vegetables complemented the meal. It was a reminder of “Sweden House” in the days of old. What a smorgasbord of food. A huge variety of deserts capped off the dinner. Much gratitude goes to all the creative people that brought all the delicious goodies.

After dinner and brief introductory remarks, the awards were handed out by concours chair Fred Young and club president Marc Molzon. Extra 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards were given in some categories. Those are reflected in the judging results posted on another page. Surely everyone could be proud of the job they did preparing their car. This concours is viewed as a stepping stone to showing members’ cars at PCA National Parades where our contestants have done quite well.


Following the always plentiful and delicious lunch, the attendees await the start of the concours awards presentation

Not enough can be said in the way of a “Thank You” to the dedicated persons enabling club members to enjoy this fine event. Planning starts almost a year in advance with reserving the park and picking a trophy theme. It carries on from there with advertising and menu planning. A day or two before the picnic involves cooking several dishes at home and bringing them to the picnic. Picnic morning entails unloading cars and SUV’s with all the picnic items along with dressing the tables. Special thanks go to the cooks and coordinators, Patti Door, Don Kleist, and Tom Grabowski. Jerry Door, Nancy Richardson, Shirl Carlisle and Kiro Trendov for their efforts. Even Walter Crump was seen cooking up some “stuff” on the grill.



People’s Choice

1991    Turquoise Metallic      928                  Coupe              Eric Manting

1974    White                           911                  Coupe              Eliseo Carrillo


356 Class

1964    Signal Red                  356C               Coupe              Michael Gilson

1965    Slate Gray                   356C               Cabriolet          Bill Block & Freda Giblin

1964    Yellow                         356C               Coupe              Richard McClelland



924 – 928 – 944 – 968 Class

1988    Guards Red                 928                  Coupe              Christopher Young

1991    Turquoise Metallic      928                  Coupe              Eric Manting

1985     Kahlahari Beige          944                  Coupe              Gene Kiesel


Boxster – Cayman Class

2014    White                           Boxster            Cabriolet          Bob & Peggy Bogart

2011    Silver                           Boxster            Spyder Cab.    Howard Gilson

2010    Black                           Boxster            Cabriolet          Shirl Carlisle

1999    Blue                             Boxster            Cabriolet          Walt & Sabrina Trump

2007    Blue                             Cayman S        Coupe              Bob Count

2014    White                           Cayman S        Coupe              Paul Carthew


911 – 912 – 914 before 1986 Class

1984    Guards Red                 911                  Cabriolet          Roger & Denise Tayloe

1970    Irish Green                  911E                Coupe              Walter Mueller

1974    White                          911                  Coupe              Eliseo Carrillo


1987 – 1998 – 911 Class

1988    Granite Green             930                  Coupe              Eric Chau

1996    Black                           993 C4S          Coupe              Dave Miller


1999 – 2010 – 911 Class

2008    Black                           911 Turbo        Cabriolet          Michael Cohen

2007    Silver                           997                  Cabriolet          Emma Phan

2004    Black                           911 C4S          Coupe              Mark VanderEyk

2003    Black                           911 C4S          Coupe              Carlos Carmona

2003    Dark Blue                    911                  Cabriolet          Jim & Laurie Williams

2003    Seal Gray                    911                  Coupe              Bruno Cote’

2001    Meridian Opal             996 Turbo        Coupe              Frank Urbaniak


2011 and Up – 911 Class

2012    Blue                             911S                Coupe              John Shoemake

2018    Guards Red                 GT3                 Coupe              Chris Peppo

2015    White                           911 Turbo        Coupe              Lewis Yonce

2105    Black                           911                  Coupe              Gregg Doty