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Membership Dinner: “Hemi” with Peter Hartman

MEMBERSHIP DINNER: “Hemi” with Peter Hartman

By Dave Miller

For those of you who could not join us, you missed a great event.  Peter Hartman, leader of the Hemi-Engine Team for Daimler Chrysler, led us through a video extravaganza. Not only did he take us through the history of the engine, he was able to show us cross sections, construction methods, manufacturing techniques, and how it works. The latest version was designed
with the Porsche 3.6 liter engine performance characteristics as the goal.

Most enjoyable were the series of knock-off commercials that DCX did for internal use only. Especially creative and humorous were 3 DCX executives replacing the two “Has that got a Hemi/Sweet!” duo, with Dieter Zetsche playing the passenger in the duster and another executive driving the hemi pick-up. Words don’t do it justice.

As a Mopar fan, as well as a Porsche disciple, I enjoyed learning about the common traits of combustion design in my 426 and 3.6. Now a Neanderthal like me can see how the two share the common design heritage.

Not only was this very enjoyable and education, the food was very good.  Mountain Jacks did a very good job. A nice job was also done by Lew Canton in the management and promotion of the event.

Peter Hartman set the bar high for our next speaker. We look forward next year’s President’s Dinner.

Thanks again Peter.

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