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2014 The Lingenfelter Foundation

Video by Board Member Gretus Hoogestraat

The Lingenfelter Foundation had a Special Open House for the Southeast Michigan Region of the Porsche Club of America befitting the Jo Brighton Special Olympics Program.
It was a great event, a successful fundraiser and there was something for everyone.
On top of that, last week we got another donation of $1000 from David Fisher, Porsche of Farmington Hills (porscheoffarmingtonhills.com).
This tops it off at $3540 for the Jo Brighton Special Athletes, Congratulations and Thanks to everyone.

The Lingenfelter Foundation 2014This Charity Event supports the Jo Brighton Special Athletes Program which has just grown to about 100 athletes with mental impairments, ranging in age from 15-26, living in the 17 downriver school districts.

Jo Brighton Special Athletes compete through the Special Olympics and receives no funds from federal, state or school districts. The athletes are not supported in regular sports programs like High school athletes. All funds must be raised by fundraisers or donations to attend competitions, overnight stays, transportation, uniforms and equipment, training fees, etc.
That is why we so appreciate people like you.
Without Special Olympics the athletes may not have the same opportunities as other young people in the community to train, compete, and just have fun.  The program provides social outlets for athletes with mental impairments.  We are proud of the opportunities we are able to provide, not just for our impaired athletes but for their parents and siblings.  We provide support and fun for family, friends, coaches, volunteers and of course our athletes with mental impairments.
Thank you again for your support of our program. Because of your support, we are able to continue to provide these programs and to expand to more sports offerings for our athletes with cognitive disabilities.

Truth is, costs for everything are going up and the Special Olympics events are costly.  However, if you have seen the value of these events, you know that you can’t even begin to put a price tag on such a thing.