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Has TV Killed Racing?

Story by Tom Fielitz Auto racing is facing a serious challenge in decreasing fan attendance and ticket revenue.   Track owners are blaming the down turn in the economy but I suspect that there might be another reason, the advances in camera technology used to broadcast auto racing on TV.  […]

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By Michael Cohen A few days ago, while at Pasteiner’s Autozone Hobbies, I picked up the 2013-2014 edition of Excellence’s Porsche Buyer Guide. This is a great quick study reference manual covering most of the Porsche street nameplates past and present, and discusses product highlights, problem areas and gives a[…]

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Insignificant Motors

Story by Tom Fielitz We have seen several decades of car manufacturers building car motors with increasing performance and sophistication.   But there is a new and subtle shift in the role of the car motor as we have known it.   Engine displacement and horsepower is on the decline and hybrid[…]

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